The Problem; WordPress Updates and Agencies

Dusty Candland | Thu Nov 28 2019 | commandwp

WordPress is the most used content management system today. It easy to get running and has a huge plugin ecosystem.

It's the default choice for a lot of web designers, developers, and marketers.

Like any technology leader, it's success makes it a target for mal-ware and spammers.

Most WordPress users know the number 1 way to keep a site safe it to keep the code updated. WordPress itself, plugins, and themes.

WorePress makes this easy and for one site it's just a matter of remembering to update often.

This is where the problem starts.

Designers, developers, and marketers build a lot of sites. It's not enough to ask clients to keep the site updated.

They paid for a solution;

  • A working website.
  • A marketing campaign driving traffic.
  • Search engine optimization.

They didn't pay for another task. Especially one that is outside there expertise!

At least, that's the conclusion I came to for the clients I build sites for.

The same conclusion a lot of designers and developers have come to given how many offer a WordPress maintenance solution.

Marketers are also starting to offer solutions or recommendations for solutions to their clients.

Nothing sucks like working on a campaign for months and finding out the site's been blacklisted for mal-ware!

Or having a client contact you asking why the site it's working.

All these agencies want their clients site running smoothly.

I started building CommandWP to solve this problem for myself. Now I'm building it for other agencies!