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Manage WordPress

No Plugin Required

Update, backup, and monitor multiple WordPress sites with out installing a plugin on each site.

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Update WordPress core, plugins and themes.



30 days of daily backups. Easy restores.



Uptime and security monitoring & notifications.

Built for Agencies!

Built for agencies to keep their clients WordPress sites updated and safe. White label options, multiple users, and bulk commands allow agencies to provide managed WordPress services to clients.

  • White label options
  • Multiple users & permissions
  • Bulk commands

Why not use a plugin? Simplicity & Security

WordPress plugins are great, but using them to manage WordPress can be a pain. Clients disable them. They can slow the site down. And they can be targeted for attacks.

How does it work? SSH & WP-CLI

CommandWP uses existing technologies to reliably manage WordPress Sites. Secure SHell (SSH) is built for secure communication between servers. WP-CLI is built to manage WordPress from the command line. SSH & WP-CLI go together like peanut butter and jelly!

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