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    Hi! 👋 I'm Dusty, the founder and sole developer of CommandWP.

    After managing WordPress sites for over five years, I became frustrated with the fragility of traditional management plugins. That's when I discovered the power of WP-CLI over SSH and began building a system that leverages this technology to provide reliable and robust WordPress management.

    With CommandWP, agencies can streamline their workflow, improve security, and collaborate more effectively. Our service allows you to manage all your WordPress sites from a single application, providing advanced security features like automated backups and updates, and utilizing the latest technologies to keep your sites safe and secure.

    I'm committed to continuing to improve CommandWP by adding new features that benefit our clients and others in the WordPress community. By having more people use our service, we can ensure that it stays up-to-date and provide the best possible solution for managing WordPress sites.

    Thank you for considering CommandWP for your WordPress management needs.

    Best regards,