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I've been managing WordPress over the last five years for clients and myself. I've used a number of different plugin based systems, most of which are awesome, but they all had some drawbacks.

Being a plugin, they would often get disabled for some reason or another. That would require logging in and re-enabling them.

It was hard to record the updates and the work I was doing for clients so I could provide a detailed monthly report.

The backup plugins would sometimes not complete without providing any notification or alerts.

The whole setup seemed fragile.

I found WP-CLI and slowly started moving most of my management systems to use that with a website in front of it. It allowed me to create good history & logs. Be alerted to errors. And feel more confident in the system overall.

Why offer it to other people?

One reason is I want to continue working on it and adding features that are good for my clients and others. I like building software not spending time updating WordPress! Having more people using it will make it better and help pay for the development time.

Also, I think it's getting to good place where others will find value from it.

I hope you sign up for early access below! I'd love to get your feedback and make something awesome!



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