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    Dusty Candland | September 02, 2018 15:22 | post, commandwp

    Why I’m creating CommandWP?

    I’ve been managing multiple WordPress sites for myself and my clients over the last 5 or 6 years. In that time I’ve looked at a lot of different options to help with updates, backups, and monitoring. While there are a lot of really great options they all have one thing in common, they need a plugin installed on each site being managed, sometimes more!

    I want a solution that doesn’t require a plugin!

    There is an awesome solution!

    WP-CLI is an awesome solution and a big part of what I’m currently using. I’ll be posting a lot of examples using WP-CLI for those that want a hands on solution!

    What’s great about it?

    • It’s a command line tool that’s already install on many better WordPress hosting servers.
    • It’s open source with a great community behind it.
    • It supports SSH (Secure SHell) which helps manage multiple sites from one computer

    Why don’t I just use that?

    For a lot of things, it’s enough. But there are some other things that I need to do on the remote servers that WP-CLI doesn’t handle & probably shouldn’t. For example, uploading backups to Amazons S3 service.

    Also, all the configuration is on my local computer, which is fine for me. But I also manage site for my clients. I wanted to have a way they could see what’s going on, check on sits, and do any management tasks they needed without always needed to send me an email.

    Enter CommandWP

    CommandWP is a web based version of how I manage sites. It does use WP-CLI under the hood, so no plugins are required on the clients sites! It also does many other things that I want covered for my clients, like up-time monitoring, malware scanning, and backups to a remote server.

    It’s pretty far a long at this point since I use it for all my sites. It does however need some polish and other users to make it robust. That’s one reason for opening it up.

    If you’re interested in early access or just want to keep up on progress join the mailing list!