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    With CommandWP's multiple account support, branding options, email templates and SMTP server integration, and powerful dashboard, you can manage your WordPress sites with ease and efficiency. Whether you need to manage multiple sites, customize your email notifications, or monitor site health and performance, CommandWP has the tools you need to do it all.

    Multiple account support: With this feature, CommandWP allows you to manage multiple WordPress sites from a single account. This makes it easy to manage and monitor all of your sites in one place, streamlining your workflow and saving you time.
    Upload logo for account: CommandWP allows you to upload a logo for your account, giving you the ability to brand your account and create a more personalized experience.
    Email templates support: With CommandWP's email templates support, you can create and customize email templates for various types of notifications and alerts, such as backup notifications, update notifications, and more.
    Email sender support: CommandWP allows you to configure the email sender for your notifications and alerts, so you can ensure that your messages are delivered reliably and without issue.
    SMTP server support: With this feature, CommandWP supports SMTP server integration, so you can ensure that your email notifications are delivered securely and without issue.
    Dashboard support: CommandWP provides a dashboard that gives you an overview of all of your managed WordPress sites, including site health, backups, updates, and more. This helps you to easily monitor and manage your sites from a single, centralized location.