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    With CommandWP's backup and migration features, you can rest easy knowing that your site data is always protected and easily recoverable in the event of data loss or other issues. Whether you need to restore a backup to your site or migrate a site between servers, CommandWP has the tools you need to keep your site running smoothly and securely.

    Daily backups stored on S3: CommandWP offers automatic daily backups of your WordPress sites, which are stored securely on Amazon S3 servers. This ensures that your site data is always protected and easily accessible in the event of a data loss or other issue.
    Secure download links for backup files: With this feature, you can easily download backup files for your WordPress sites managed by CommandWP using secure, encrypted links.
    Restore backup to site: CommandWP lets you easily restore a backup of your WordPress site to its previous state, in the event of data loss, hacking or other issues. This feature helps you to get your site back up and running quickly and easily.
    Migrate a site between servers: This feature enables you to easily migrate a WordPress site from one server to another, using CommandWP's intuitive migration tools. This makes it easy to move your site to a new hosting provider or server with minimal hassle.