More reliable WordPress management

Most of the existing solutions for managing multiple WordPress sites rely on plugins. When everything is working plugins are great, but they have some big issues.

When you're managing lots of sites, even a couple of these issues add time, cost, and frustration.

A better experience for your customers

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They want to know what's been updated, backed up, and checked. After all, they're paying you to keep their sites running.

Providing detailed reporting allow you to show your clients the value they're getting.

Happy customers will continue to be customers. And they'll help you get more customers!

A better experience for you

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Managing WordPress is probably not what you want to be spending valueable time on. But it has to be done.

You should be able to automate redundant tasks. Things like backups and updates should just happen.

You should be confident that updates don't break things without you knowing.

You shouldn't have to track vulnerabilities manually.

You should be confident your customers sites are up and running.

Plugin based management services just can't do all those.

Let's consider a better approach!

There's a better way to manage servers. One that developers have been using reliably for a long time.

CommandWP diagram

"But I'm not a developer!"

You don't have to be! We take care of those things behind the scenes. The important part is that those tools are more reliable and more secure.

You could stop worrying, "Is everything connected?" because the connections are based on an industry standard.

You could stop wondering, "Is everything really updated?" because updates are done with the community supported WP-CLI.

You could focus more time on the things your customers value.

More than just updates and backups

Quick and reliable updates and backups are given. It's the other features that show your clients you really care about them:

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I need your help!

As a programmer with 20 years of experience; I became too frustrated to not start working on a new solution.

Up to this point, I've just been building it for my clients. They've loved the reports and I want to continue building more to make this the most complete WordPress management platform available.

I need your help. Your insights and feedback will add way more value to the platform than I could possibly do myself.

As an Early Adopter, you'll be involved in the development and roadmap.

I'll be building for you!

I want this to be a great value for you. For you to be invested. And for this to be a partnership.

To that end, the Early Adopter program is a one time charge of $900 for 5 years of the service to manage to up 500 sites! That's $0.03 cents per site!

"What happens after the 5 years?"

I wish I could offer a lifetime subscription for your help. Doing so would be dishonest. There's just no way to cover the costs involved forever. What I can do is offer a lifetime discount of 25%.

After the 5 years is up, you can decide if it makes sense to continue at the current rates with your discount. I believe it will be, you'll have helped make it!

You're taking a huge risk on someone you don't know to make an awesome product. I want to make sure you're happy. If you want to cancel, for any reason, you'll have 60 days after launch.

If your not happy with progress. It's just not for you after all. Let me know and I'll happily refund your money!

"When will the launch be?"

I've been using the system for over a year, but there are a few things that need to be done before letting Early Adopters in. That will be January 6th, 2020.

I still have questions?

We'd love to hear from you and answer any questions you have! Send me a note!